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4x01: A Tale of Two Sisters
Sunday 28th September at 8/7 Central

Maleficent Returns!

Kristin Bauer van Straten confirmed for major role in the second half of Season 4

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DragonCon 2014 
Live Blog

Follow our live blog for all the news and gossip from DragonCon 2014

Fairy Tales III

Xivents announces 1st Guest for their 3rd 

Once Upon A Time Convention 

Friday Aug 29 - Monday Sep 1
Wednesday, Dec 3 All Day
Thursday, Dec 4 All Day
Saturday, Dec 6 All Day


Your favourite fairy tales, exposed and uncovered like never before

Explore the Arthurian legend surrounding Lancelot, take a trip into the woods to discover the mythology behind Red Riding Hood or learn more about a modern day hero called Snow White. Origins provides unique insights and perspectives from talented writers into the characters we know and love, going far beyond the boundaries of Storybrooke.

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About The OUAF Team

Launched on November 9th 2011, Once Upon A Fan set out to be a major resource for fans of the hit ABC TV series, Once Upon A Time.

From it's early inception as a single page blog, the fan site has grown and matured into a social community that stretches across all the major social networks. The site attracts thousands of visits a day from the 250,000+ followers on popular sites such as You Tube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and Twitter. As a result of this, we have become the most visited Once Upon A Time fan site on the web! 

We look forward to continuing this fantastical journey with you into season three and beyond