Once Upon A Fan

Magic is Here! 

2x21 - Second Star To The Right

By Amy Degenstien Hood

     This episode begins at the moment Bae slipped away from Rumple in season one and was pulled through the portal. We see Bae land with a hard thump, then look around at his unfamiliar surroundings. He is nearly run over by a carriage. In the distance he hears a clock chiming, and we see that it is Big Ben. Bae has landed in Victorian era London. We next see Bae 6 months later, living on the streets and scrounging in garbage cans for food. He notices a window open on a nearby house and he sneaks in to try and find food. He is startled by a large dog barking (Nana from the original Disney version of Peter Pan) and a girl runs into the room. She introduces herself as Wendy Darling, and she tells Bae he can have all the food he wants. She lets him hide in a crawl space in her wall for several weeks so that he does not have to go back out on the streets. One night, Wendy’s parents catch her giving him food and Mrs. Darling tells Bae that he can stay and live with them. Bae is happy that he has been accepted into a loving home and has a family.  One night, Wendy tells Bae about a shadow that has come to visit the room. It has glowing eyes and has told her it comes from a magical place called Neverland. Bae tells Wendy she must never go with the shadow,that magic always has a price, and it will destroy her family the way it destroyed his. Wendy agrees, but that night she goes with the shadow anyway. She says she has always dreamed of flying and finding magic. The window here that the shadow comes through has an etching of the Jolly Roger above it. Bae watches helpless as they fly away.  

     In SB, Emma and the Charmings go to Regina’s office to confront her about the burned down bean crop. Emma realizes that something is wrong. The alarm has been overridden and the beans from the plant in the corner are gone. Emma is convinced it was Tamara and she heads to search her room while Snow and Charming go to see Gold. In Gold’s shop, Lacey sits atop the counter drinking. When the Charming’s arrive Gold does not want to help them. Charming reminds him that he owes him a favor. Snow says she needs to find Regina because she owes her after what she did to Cora. Gold pulls out a vile and says it contains Regina’s tears. He asks Snow to think of something sad, and then he adds her tear to the bottle. All she has to do is place a drop in each eye and she will see and feel what Regina does. This will only last until they find Regina, and then the bond will be broken.  Elsewhere in town, Tamara and Greg have Regina strapped to a table. Tamara says they don’t have much time and will be getting their orders from “the home office” soon. Tamara has the gem Regina got from beneath the library and the beans from Regina’s office. Hook is there, but says he will not help Greg torture Regina. Greg connects Regina to an electricity source, and asks about his father. When Regina says that his father left town, he turns the machine on and begins to torture her. Regina is tortured for a while, as Greg continues to question her about his father. Snow can feel the pain Regina is in, but can’t see clearly who is causing it, or where Regina is. Snow can only feel that it is very cold, and there is a smell of sardines.

     In Tamara and Neal’s room at Granny’s Inn Emma searches. Tamara has gone out for a run, but Neal is there. He continues to try and get Emma to believe that Tamara is good. Emma finds sand in the closet and she and Neal head down to the beach to look for Tamara. While there, Tamara runs up and tells Neal that she usually starts her run in the woods and ends up on the beach. She gives him a kiss and leaves. Neal and Emma are alone and he says that he needs to tell her something. He wants her to know that he has thought about her every day since he left her. He says he wishes that he had not let August convince him to leave her alone, and that he has carried that guilt with him. He tells Emma that he is sorry, and she says she’s sorry too. Emma turns and walks away leaving Neal on the beach. 

    In London, Bae wakes up to find that Wendy has returned from Neverland. She is very upset. She tells him that Neverland is filled with mermaids, fairies and magical creatures, along with children and no adults. She says that it all seems magical, but at night the air is filled with the sounds of all the children crying. They miss their parents and want to go home but they cannot leave. Wendy tells Bae that the reason it is called “Neverland” is because once you set foot on its soil, you can never leave. The shadow takes children there and never allows them to go home. Wendy was released because she is a girl, the shadow only wants boy children and plans to return for one of her brothers the next night. Bae promises not to let this happen. He helps the children set traps, and they all go to bed with bats to use as weapons if the shadow arrives. As soon as they lay down a cold wind blows out all the candles. The window lock opens and the shadow flies in. Wendy, Bae and John all make it into the wall crawlspace to hide, but the youngest Michael, is still in the room. The shadow reaches down to take him, but Bae jumps in the way. He agrees to go with the shadow if he will never return to hurt Wendy and the boys again. Bae takes the shadow’s hand and they fly away. As they soar through London, we see the time on Big Ben is 8:15pm. They rise higher until we see two stars in the distance. The second star twinkles and Bae and the shadow speed towards it. 

     In SB, Charming calls Emma and tells him what Snow saw when she was connected to Regina. Emma realizes that it was the cannery that Regina is being held in and tells Charming to get their right away. She tells Neal and they run toward the dock. Inside, Greg and Tamara see that they are about to be caught. Greg refuses to leave until Regina tells him where his father is. Tamara walks away and Greg increases the voltage as high as it will go. Finally, Regina tells Greg that his father is dead. She says she killed him and buried him at their old camp site. Greg is furious, and shocks Regina until she’s unconscious. He goes to deliver one last jolt to kill her, but Charming runs in and shoots at him. Greg escapes and Snow and Charming release Regina and rush her to the Blue Fairy to try and save her. On another side of the cannery, Emma hears from Charming who tells her that it was Greg behind everything. Neal tells Emma that he was right and that Tamara would never do anything like that. Just then, Emma is hit from behind with a pipe and knocked out. Tamara picks up her gun and holds it on Neal. She tells him it was all a lie, she never loved him. Her only mission is to find and destroy magic. She says it is unholy and doesn’t belong in our world. Neal walks toward her and she shoots him. Tamara comes closer and is about to shoot him in the head to finish him off, but Emma wakes up and they fight. After a vicious fight, Tamara turns to run out and flings a magic bean at the ground behind her. She runs off as a portal is opened in the floor. Neal is pulled and Emma tries to save him, but she can’t hold on. He is too weak from the gun shot to climb out on his own. He tells Emma that he loves her, she says she loves him too, and he slips away through the portal. 

   In London, we see Bae being carried toward Neverland by the shadow. He begins to hear the sounds of the children crying. Desperate not to set foot on Neverland soil, he lights a match and holds it to the shadow. The shadow drops him into the ocean below and flies away after he can’t find him in the water. A little while later, an unconscious Bae is found by a ship. The crew save him from the water and pull him aboard. Bae wakes up and sees Hook and Smee looking down at him. They welcome him aboard the Jolly Roger. 

     In SB, Greg is digging frantically at the camp site to see if Regina was telling the truth. He hits something, and then pulls out a piece of clothing and a skull from the ground. It appears that his father is really dead. Tamara arrives and tells him that the “home office” wants them to take the next step. They are to use the trigger gem they stole from Regina to destroy Storybrooke.  Across town at the Charming home, the Blue Fairy uses her wand to heal Regina. Regina wakes up and asks where Tamara and Greg are. When she finds out that they got away, she tells the Charmings about the trigger. They are furious that Regina had this object at all, but she reminds them that they were planning to leave her behind and take her son away. Emma and her father share a moment when he tries to console her about Neal. She is devastated at losing him, and believes he is dead. Charming tells Regina that like it or not, they are family now. They must try to find the trigger and save everyone.

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